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    Maxwell Caulfield
    Jan-Michael Vincent
    Virginia Mayo
    Mick Murray
    Mark Pellegrino
    Karen Moncrieff
    Paul Johansson

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31 Then said Jesus to those. MGM’s Official Site for Midnight Witness - Released Feb 25, 1993 Midnight Witness, After a fight with his live-in girlfriend, Paul can’t sleep, so he decides to play with his new camera. Midnight Witness DVD Rental, Rent Midnight Witness Movie Online Buy, Download, or Rent Midnight Witness at Blockbuster today. Movie-Midnight Witness-Renegade cops are videotaped murdering a motorist and the witnesses are in danger of being their next victims. After capturing on videotape the killing of a motorist by outlaw policemen,. Midnight Witness | Find all Midnight Witness trailers, reviews, news, showtimes, photos, and full cast and crew information here. Save Midnight Witness to your movie list. Your source for Midnight Witness reviews and trailers online.. With Paul Johansson, Maxwell Caulfield, Karen Moncrieff, Mick Murray. Search results for “Midnight Witness” 8 movies found with “Midnight Witness” in the title. Free Trial. Save Midnight Witness to Your Movie List Netflix: Midnight Witness. Midnight Witness (1993) - IMDb Directed by Peter Foldy. Midnight Witness. Movie: Midnight Witness - Associated Content from Yahoo!

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